Monday, November 15, 2010

There He was

So many times, we ask for signs, that He is there, He is the Truth.
In my journey, i've asked for so many and He has shown me in the moments when it is right.

There are signs everywhere, if you'll just keep your heart open.
looking at the nature around you, the sky, the rain, the grass and leaves.

Look at the stars, the galaxies the universe,
no one but He could have created these.

Even our very breath is given by Him.

There was a time i was saddened.
And the sight of butterflies lightened up my day.
There He was, telling me everything will be alright.

There was a time i was heartbroken,
and i went under the rain hours and hours long.
That cold raindrops cleansed my troubled heart and mind,
There He was, telling me He is there for me.

There was a time i was seeking for Him,
Who He is, How and Why,
He came into my dream, and invited me to join Him,
His light, His comfort and His warmth,
I started to realize, He knows me
and has accepted me when everyone else rejected me.

There was a time emptiness fills my soul,
and it is always the times when i forgot about Him,
and when i remembered, He embraced me,
with His grace and His light, never angry with me.

There was a time, i was confused,
and flipping through His word i found,
"This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion..." (Al-Ma'dah, 5:3)
There He was, listening to my heart.

There was a time,
i knew i had to make a choice,
there in my dream,
a monk beside a river,
and an aged man in white,
greeted me with a smile,
"Assalamualaikum" (Peace be upon you)

in my heart He has made it grow,
love towards Him and His path,
for i am a lost soul,
and He hath guided me.

There was a time,
my mouth was heavy yet,
to speak of the kalimah syahadat,
although in my heart it is already accepted,
there came a dream,
and my lips sang it as light as the feather,
as if i am already a long serving servant of Him.
There He was again,
showing me His way.

I am but a soul wounded by guilt,
anger and disappointment,

I am but a weak soul, lost with no guidance,

but there He was,
and there He is, always.

With Him, i am at peace.