Monday, December 5, 2011

The lost Hijab

there was a time,
not too long ago,
Hijab was your shield,
strong and might,
adorned day and night,
not a strand of hair will see the light.

there was a time,
not too long ago,
Hijab was your armour,
against the men who unguard their eyes,
you were protected,
with your own effort,
to be in His Grace,
Hijab was your way to show,
you are devoted to only Him.

that was a time,
now long gone,
your Hijab became looser,
thinner by the day,
strands of hair, dareth you show them,
plotting ways to catch their eyes,
you want them to look at you,
look at you, look-

a man rang the doorbell,
and you opened the door,
the Hijab lies in your room,
as you laid it to rest,

another man close to your heart,
calls you every night on your screen,
the Hijab lies in the closet,
as you laid it to rest.

there was a time so long ago,
when the Hijab was your shield,

you stood there bare naked now,
to those eyes that feast upon you,
and you pushed away His Grace,
as you laid the Hijab to rest.