Monday, October 1, 2012

Searching for my own meaning of hijab.

Bismillah hir rahmaniraheem.


I wore hijab in public for the first time today.

I put on the hijab (tudung) today, because it has been 2 years since my reversion to Islam, and I want to continue making progress in Allah's path. Insyaallah.

In a way, I also want my fellow friends to start seeing me as a Muslim, not just another Chinese girl. I would hope they could now respect me as a muslim, and not assume that I do not care when anything concerning Islam happens. (* this came from the few times fellow housemates-who are Muslims themselves; have brought male friends into the house without making any prior announcements-as a result, i couldn't cover my aurat in time). Hence, my other motive of donning the hijab is- I want to be RECOGNIZED as a fellow MUSLIM. 

Donning the hijab today reminds me this:
 It doesn't matter where we are, we have a choice of whether to uphold the beliefs in our religion.
and subhanallah, what Islam teaches always have the meaning behind every actions and reactions.

Islam sees women as their treasure. Therefore one adorns the hijab to protect this treasure. A simple and common analogy would be like this: Why do people keep their most precious and most valuable thing hidden from the public's view?

we protect everything that's dear to us, and for a religion to acknowledge the beauty of women is a precious jewel to be protected, this is one beautiful quality of Islam. 

I wore hijab today, and i didn't regret it. I feel liberated from fitnah, and most of all,

I feel protected.

*any misgivings and lacking from my writing, please feel free to correct me. I appreciate all your advices, and  may Allah swt. shed His light of blessings to you. Insyaallah.


  1. Assalamualaikum... alhamdulillah, sis and thanks for the entry.

  2. Assalamu 'Alaikum

    Nice reading here from another chinese revert about hijab.